1. sid

    Nicole looks disgusted

  2. PtC

    Does the “what if I never go back” joke really work with someone who is already half black?

  3. “No thanks. I have my own bong.”

  4. This is how I imagine it looking every time I kiss a chick.

  5. V

    nicole is such a bitch and a huge mean girl. in her head she’s anna wintour. she’s a bully, yet she’s more useless than a kardashian because she has never been an entrepeneur wannabe or considered hot. I can’t stand her.

  6. Linds

    She doesn’t wan to kiss her. How is she mean?
    I am a girl and I don’t like it when other girls try to kiss me because they do it to get attention and I’m not an attention whore.
    I had a stripper once try to make out with her and I moved away quickly.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Don’t mind her. She’s only being friendly.

  8. I see Nicole tightened the grip on her wallet…

  9. “Maybe Paris was right about black people. Maybe she was right about EVERYTHING…”

  10. cc

    How’s my breath?

  11. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Aloe, I smell Aloe…..does anyone else smell Aloe?

  12. Sin

    Get that BBQ sauce off you face first.

  13. The Brown Streak

    When did Lionel Richie become Woody Allen?

  14. bj

    “smells like cheese”

  15. “Now what was that n word Paris used to call you people…”

  16. Venom

    Joy Bryant clearly forgot the rule that hookers never kiss on the mouth.

  17. Biff

    I have to say….Nicole looks really nice here and like a woman come to think of it.

  18. YoMamma

    If it weren’t for the black lady in the photo, I’d think I was looking at Designing Women with those big ass shoulder pads.

  19. Pebblz

    This is the funniest picture I’ve seen in a long time, and if I were as quick-witted and creative as our friend McFeely, I would have something epic to say here.

  20. Love


    Joy Bryant is an idiot, why the fuck would you want to kiss that stf mouth that has kissed paris hilton

  21. “Does this make my lips look big?”

  22. Blech

    If I were Nicole, I, too, would be plotting to gracefully shove my clutch down that cunt’s throat.

  23. stothet

    IN case yall don’t know, nicholes REAL hair is as nappy as a chimps ASS! she’s just able to afford kick ass extensions in the best of blondes. Her husbands hands is runnin through more tracks than jay-z ! in case yall didn’t know

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