1. She’s dressed just like LeeLoo from Fifth element… except for… you know… the whole using a parachute for material thing…

  2. ThisWillHurt

    @unbornchild please dont mak e me look like @JessicaSimpson als oif ur ugly granma mite hav 2 kill U #seriouslymymomwillkillyou

  3. “WHOOORES!!!”
    “Aaaah, the love of our fans.”

  4. Oh look everyone, isn’t that cute? This Ditch Pig is play-acting for the cameras and pretending she knows how to read. Adorable…just adorable.

  5. “Wait a second, I’m going to get fat?!? I thought I could do…..a nanny vitro or, something….”

  6. “Oh no! ANOTHER picture of my ass on “The Superficial?!?” DAMN YOU, FISH!”

  7. AnnaD.


  8. Google search: animal husbandry

  9. Phoenix

    Nice diaper.

  10. As a Canadian, the thought of wearing a knit sweater at the beach is hilarious.

  11. The fetus already has the iPhone5 and texts her updates on it’s growth.

  12. BubbaP

    “A text from Kanye??? When did he learn to write?”

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