1. Slappy Magoo

    “Can you believe that commoner next to me just tried to start a CONVERSATION with us? Oh, ohmygod, contempt is coming out of my nose!”

  2. “I love you Walden!”

    “I love you too, Meg.”

  3. “What? Lots of guys call it their pud. Why are you laughing?”

  4. Looks like she was (s)punked

  5. Cock Dr

    I give it another 18 months.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      That leaves plenty of time for the pregnancy, shotgun wedding, cheating scandal, divorce, and 6 months of “I told you so’s” from us.

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    If I was sitting next to Ashton Kutcher, I’d puke too.

  7. It’s not good when you whip it out and your girlfriend starts laughing.

  8. JPC

    So we’re just assuming her blindness came back, right?

  9. lawn

    Look, his hat is on backwards. That means he’s cool.

  10. “Wait…the kid from Home Alone?”
    “Ohmygod! You’re…haha!…you’re the only one in the world who doesn’t know that!”

  11. “Don’t look now, but I think Topher Grace is selling hot dogs behind us.”

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