1. Those are three of the biggest dumps I have ever seen a bird take

  2. More like the “Ghetto Olympics” amirite? Anyone?

  3. “Motherfucka, Flock of Seagulls is a BAND. How did you suppizzose we were gonna get these bizzerds to open the show?”

  4. I’m hoping that bird shit right on him.

  5. joe

    Yeah. That’s what I want my kid doing. Bowls with Snoop.

  6. Bonky

    “Back off, bitches. This ain’t corn, they’re corn rows !”

  7. Joe Blow

    “Yo cuz, that sea-guzizzle just cropdusted us. Hand me your Glock”

  8. Not pictured: Dave Winfield.

  9. So it’s about how to stalk people?

  10. Slow Paparazzo day?

  11. cc

    Well, that seagull is a man of his word, I paid him two herring and he did what I asked.

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