1. Balls Mcgee

    Lauren graciously demonstrating what got her to where she is today.

  2. Wow…her legs really ARE always spread.

  3. “Be a dear, and queef us away from that boat there, love.”

  4. “somethings never change” says Silverman’s ex husband

  5. Just in case the smell of the ocean wasn’t enough…

  6. Looks like the boat is a little pitchy.

  7. Smoking next to your pregnant whore, ever the class act.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    Jesus, that’s how she got pregnant in the first place.

  9. She’s already trying to sell pictures of the baby.

  10. “Don’t do that. The baby’ll fall out.”

  11. Vlad

    Simon, it’s time.

    Keep it in for a few seconds more, I see the doctor coming on his jet ski.

  12. Oh, look. It’s a breech birth.

  13. “Lauren, did I ever tell you how Natalie Wood died?”

  14. “Simon. SIMON! Listen!” *QUEEEEF!* “Did you hear it? Simon?”

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