1. “Put down that mangy beast! Be careful not to hurt that dog though!”

  2. JimBB

    Back with Katy already?

  3. donkeylicks

    Worst Jon Snow impression I’ve ever seen!

  4. spikedtounge

    I named her Katy so now there’s two bitches with that name I can make come on command!

  5. Swearin

    “Next time on Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Ghost capture a bevy of Wildling women and bring them to the Night’s Watch Disabled Veterans wing of the Wall. Sexy hijinks ensue.”

  6. I hear that sorrowful Sarah McLaughlin music in the background as the camera closes in on that poor canine’s face. Save the dog! Save the dog! Get Russell Fucking Brand away from him, STAT. He smells like shit.

  7. “I thought you understood it was just a one night stand!”

  8. Brit

    Fantastic. Does it come with its own wheelchair?

  9. Here we see the head vampire out with his trusty guard dog, Thorn.

  10. Why did the BBC put up barriers? There’s no one there to greet him but a stray dog. Poetic justice prevails.

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