1. Gotta get my eyes checked. I’m seeing double.

  2. He took a long pull, and after she passed, poured a splash onto the rocky ground beneath his feet. “That’s for my childhood,” he said as Anne walked away. “Thanks for growing me up, Catwoman.”

  3. JimBB

    Only Anne Hathaway could be that pale in Hawaii.

    Seriously, someone better get some garlic and a wooden stake.

  4. meh

    Kid, you are going to have to drink a buttload of beer to deal with Anne Hathaway. Should have gone straight for the hard stuff.

  5. I don’t care what that caption says.
    Photoboy has been getting drunk pasting Irish people onto the pictures again.

  6. That actually looks like a man-hating lesbian

  7. “Badass little kid” also appears to be chugging a Corona while sporting a new hairdo to support their friend with cancer.

  8. Her performance in Dark Knight Rises was so bad that the kid has to drink to erase those painful memories. Drink some for me, dude.

    • cc

      Not sure drinking is going to do it…he needs to proceed directly to head trauma.

      She really was dreadful wasn’t she?

  9. Man, Samantha Ronson can really drink a beer!

  10. Mike Walker

    Her arms look bigger than his… and he’s in the foreground.

  11. Vlad

    Dear Diary, It’s getting so bad here in Genovia that my subjects are having to shave their heads and sell their hair to the world famous Genovian wig factories in order to afford their 40′s. Damn you Grandma, damn you and your Mary Poppins face for ever telling me I was royalty and convincing me to take over as ruler of this cesspool!

  12. Swearin

    “Keep walking honey, just ignore my character from Les Mis drinking a 40 ounce over there.”

  13. Vladimir

    There’s always a midget prisoner in the foreground saying it all with her beer…

  14. That kid could take her husband with little trouble.

  15. Johnny Barbells

    …this photo caption made me laugh really hard for a long time.

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