1. “My pit’s dry, see? His… his is wet!”

  2. Slappy Magoo

    He ain’t got time to bleed, but apparently plenty of time to sweat.

  3. Terd Fergueson

    This is the guy who stole your kid’s bike!

  4. Dude, is that the big Chinese guy that always got kicked in the balls and thrown through something made of glass in all the Seagal and Arnold movies??

  5. Wasn’t he E.Honda in the live action Street Fighter movie with Van Damme? God damn that movie was horrible.

  6. Renegade..body perspiration!

  7. Get some grapes and flowers and weeds, you got a stew goin’.

  8. Looks up “Bobby Sixkiller”…”Renegade”?
    Looks up “Renegade”… Seriously? This was on television for five seasons?

  9. tlmck

    And Branscombe Richmond has not been seen or heard from since this photo was taken.

  10. Nobody has been this excited to see Carl Weathers since 1987 which is about the same time Branscombe’s hairstyle was relevant.

  11. cc

    *fuck you, Don Ho*

  12. Catalystika

    Hey, remember when this guy was in Predator? What? Me? No… that wasn’t me. Hey, that’s just racist. (Man, I wish that was me…)

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