1. pretty sure that’s Wayne Newton not Engelbert Humperdinck. or a really scary mannequin.

  2. meh

    Did Billy Ray just quit washing his ass or what?

  3. Well this explains a lot.

    Somewhere, Wayne Newton still looks normal, and that other guy’s daughter just bought a camera-loaded speculum for her 2014 world tour.

  4. “yes… Billy Ray will put your luggage in the trunk Mr. Newton”

  5. “Hi there, nice to meet you as well. The Wrestler? No I don’t think I sang that song, but thank you all the same.”

  6. Somewhere Englebert Humperdinck is offended.

  7. It’s okay, I get Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart mixed up.

  8. Miley’s checks must have stopped coming in, he is down to only one idiot fashion scarf.

  9. Wayne Newton brahhhhhh.

  10. Hugh G. Rection

    Who is more embarrassed to be seen with the other?

  11. JohnnyP

    Billy-Ray: “Mr. Humperdinck, if ya’ll don’t mind mah sayin’, your face is at least twice as tight as m’daughter’s mullet-hole”.
    Englebert: “Why thank you, erm.. ummm… whatever-your-name-is”

  12. Joe Blow

    Cool…. a Has Been and a Never Was.

  13. “Mr. Seagal, Please tell Mr Galifianakis I loved him in ‘The Hangover’”

  14. mylanddownunder

    Liza Minelli’s ex mated with Wayne Newton or something?

  15. Johnny Barbells

    …i thought i heard an explosion in the distance…

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