1. If that’s a pregnant Milan Kunis, we must all collectively hunt down, tar and feather Ashton Douchebag…

  2. Tinka

    Is she expecting him to poop out a golden egg?

  3. jorge

    cup the balls rook

  4. just patting Manti Te’o girlfriend on the tush

  5. Jentilly

    Good boy Ben, off ya go!

  6. He is going to have a hard time finding a coke machine that will take that quarter.

  7. You know that you’ve reached a certain level of success when you have your own roving taint masseuse at your beck and call.

  8. Swearin

    “Yep, he’s in heat alright. Someone go get Blake Lively.”

  9. cc

    Is that the same girl who was fucking with Uma Thurman’s shoes last week?

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