1. USDA Prime McBeef

    lil’ kim chee

  2. Real life Barbie, Asian edition.

  3. How does one even get to this point? It’s gotta be a fascinating story.

    She was a hot chick.

  4. so ‘apple cheeks’ is no longer just an expression for a cut little girl, it’s now an elective surgery option. She doesn’t even look human. godawful.

  5. Where can I get a Janet Jackson death mask…?

  6. She looks like a goddamned hummel figurine.

  7. Oh my God…

  8. Beer Baron

    Why did she even think this was a good idea?

  9. Jealous Jones

    Awhhh, did Kimora Simms shrink in the wash?

  10. AnnaD.

    How the fuck does ANYONE look into the mirror & think it’s OK to look like that? HOW?

  11. broduh jenner

    she’s lil kimmi kardashian!

  12. So fresh and natural, it makes me say, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human!”

  13. Little Tongue

    Why bother carrying a purse around when you can store all of your shit, chipmunk style, inside of your mouth?

  14. Apparently they’ve cast Lil’ Kim for the porn version of Cloud Atlas.

  15. Must be all swollen up from some nasty car accident or something. Jeeze, I hope that heals soon.

  16. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Who’s the ugly asian lady boy?

  17. Eh see the collar with the cat? That is where she snaps all her reads on and off for the occasion.

  18. Um, when did she become Asian?

  19. The Unwanted Love Child Of laToya Jackson and Bjork

  20. dftgu

    she looks asian now,

  21. kaylia

    holy shit

  22. Me

    I guess she is a Jackson now?

  23. Reggimatic

    I want to play a game…

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