1. Hank E. Ring

    You all know you’re thinking what I’m thinking. You say you wouldn’t, but you know you would.

  2. “Hi. I am dumpy.”

  3. The personification of meh.

  4. I have respect for her talent(s) but her fashion ‘sense’, not so much. that frock is ghastly.

  5. The tattoo really balances out the vacant eyes, boyish face, and doughy physique.

  6. Ever thawed out a bag of frozen shrimp and then made love to it? That’s still sexier than this.

  7. It’s the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

  8. broduh jenner

    wait, i thought she was partying with channing tatum in new orleans!?

  9. You can put lipstick on a pig……

  10. Look who came back from Occupy Krispy Kreme.

  11. Throb the Wonder Mule

    These ‘meh’ young women of today KNOW they must do anal and much oral to keep a man for ANY length of time……

  12. A parfait of bla.

  13. At least stand up straight.

  14. How sweet, she’s just starting on her career of making poor choices about what to do with too much money!

  15. overrated cow.

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