1. catapostrophe

    That sure is a long, strange name for a child. What’s with these Hollywood types?

  2. I had those pants in high school…

  3. jorge

    so are you as big of a fuck up as your brother?

    uh depends on the day

  4. kid is permanently pissed about the stupid name his jackass parents gave him.

  5. pinkslime

    that kid is already planning a school shooting.

  6. The Antichrist is here.

  7. “Yeah I was a big enough of an asshole to name my kid Lyrik. Deal with it.”

  8. Juch

    The kid just heard he’s going to be dropped off at Uncle Jason’s house after the event.

  9. Phoenix

    “cup the balls rook”

  10. This kid is a shoe in for the next Damien movies.

  11. oldfool

    He will mate with Siri and the AntiChrist shall be born. It is written.

  12. AnnaD.

    “Lyrik” (!?!) looks like a baby Luke Skywalker.

  13. This is my douchebag kid. There are many like him, but this one is mine.

  14. Now it’s obvious that crazy psychosis runs in the family.

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