1. Cock Dr

    Those would probably look better if they were at the end of much younger legs.

  2. “Ma’am, you have some hail damage on your car d…. nevermind, just a reflection.”

  3. jorge

    those look like great driving shoes

  4. Just look at her, you can see the Hep C just oozing out of every poor…

  5. Mike701

    “That’s Sand. SAND! As is color of my hair, texture of my skin, SAND!”

  6. She has a Bentley, for real?

  7. Courtney Stodden’s mentor.

  8. If we’re lucky her foot will get stuck on the accelerator and she’ll drive off a cliff

  9. My doctor says he’s amputated better legs than this.

  10. If it weren’t for the wrist band, I’d call her classy .. as a slut.

  11. Man, Hollywood hookers sure are looking nasty these days..

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