1. catapostrophe

    That sure is a long, strange name for a child. What’s with these Hollywood types?

  2. tlmck

    Looks like she fell into the same vat as the Joker.

  3. Finally! A live action DuckTales movie!

  4. She went to her plastic surgeon and chose the permanent duck lips option. A common mistake.

  5. jaimie

    Ashley Judd is not taking the divorce well.

  6. broduh jenner

    ready for her guest appearance on honey boo boo

  7. Apparently they’ve cast Rose McGowan as Blondie in the new Dagwood & Blondie movie.

  8. Cool! She’s like a two for one special; a ghost AND a goblin!

  9. Lindsay Lohan 5 years ago!

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