1. “Oh it’s twue….it’s twue….it’s twue!”

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Some girls have dildos, but this one needs a hydraulic log splitter to get off.

  3. Some people just have no decency… I mean bringing Micahel Clarke Duncan back from the dead just to fulfill a fantasy?
    Well that’s just sick…

  4. Cock Dr

    Just in case anyone isn’t completely clear on that fact that tiny little Hayden loves great big guys.

  5. She’s actually suspended on his junk in this pic.

  6. The wee leprechaun has found her pot o’ gold! (& it’s a cock as big as her leg)

  7. Please tell me she’s at the Super Bowl after party with Ray Lewis.

  8. anonym

    she can almost give a BJ standing up.

  9. Yeah so, I’m usually the first to come out and criticize the hillbillies that like to post here for their fear of big black penis…

    That said, this picture is a bit awkward considering the shit that’s gone around about this girl.

    Still, it may just be her security.

    • Ya, he’s black so he must be her security. Couldn’t be her accountant or a friend.

      • Pat C.

        You know, in the English language, “may” and “must” have two different meanings. So socialcomment did not mean “he’s black, so he must be security ” . Although I shouldn’t presume you’re making a sarcastic response to socialcomment’s statement; maybe you are merely stating your own opinion.

      • Having been trained as an accountant I can tell you that I haven’t met many accountants that I would call physically imposing.

        I have, however, met many private security types who have the same build as the man in the picture. Not necessarily the same hue, but definitely the same “I will break you in half” build.


      • You don’t have to excuse your latent racism to me, I think all black people are rappers so who am I to judge. I also think all Hayden Panettieres are skanks.

      • There’s more than one Hayden Panettiere? Where can I get one, dude?

      • Mike Walker

        Zaloog ignores the colonial bickering, heads straight for the pussy.

  10. How did my picture end up here? I told her not to tweet that pic.

  11. If you rotate it 90 degrees, it makes more sense.

  12. Kojak

    First Ivan Drago.
    Then, Lothar, Mandrakes crimefighting companion.
    Who’s next?
    Lou Ferrigno?
    Chris Hemsworth?

  13. hugh gentry

    who would have thought that some chicks love big black cock?

  14. Look what else Al Roker sharted out.

  15. Good Lord, can you imagine if any of her sex tapes got out? They must be interesting to say the least.

  16. anonym

    I thought she was a midget, but she’s actually only as short as Kim Kardashian.

  17. angerinside

    Hey dude, you got a white head on your cock.

  18. trickofatinybelly

    I did it! I did it! The gag reflex is so over rated!

  19. She’s just SO naughty. Yum.

  20. Seen here, Hayden pictured with Cee Lo Green.

  21. Icehawg

    Who has two thumbs and has watched the “mandingo fighting” scene of Django Unchained 18,345 times?

  22. Axy

    Those are a couple of shit eating grins, if i’ve ever seem them.

  23. Throb the Wonder Mule

    How is ANYTHING attached to this huge black man EVER going to fit in ANY orifice of hers ?
    Bless the human body and its stretchy-ness !

  24. Throb the Wonder Mule

    “Hey, my penis is the same size as her !” the huge black man thought to himself……

  25. Do you mind if we dance wif yo dates?

  26. Professor Chaos

    Looks like some Hayden Panettiere vagina brought Michael Clarke Duncan back from the great beyond.

  27. Swearin

    Actually, he’s suspended 2 feet off the ground in this pic. She has that ant strength.

  28. A boob job doing a boob job

  29. He then spins her while singing “Dick in a Box”

  30. cc

    She’s so tiny you get the feeling fucking her would be like wrapping your dick in shrink wrap.

  31. can she dislocate at the hips or what

  32. “and after we do the video you say i’ll be more famous than kim, right?”

  33. “Gag reflexes are overrated”

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