1. Chris Brown should date her. Everyone would believe her when she says she “just walked into a door.”

  2. Someone needs to tell her she can’t get back that “new car smell” by wearing leather all the time.

  3. DeucePickle

    “So Hayden is going to be at this party ?”

  4. “I used to be famous, you know?”
    “Whatever. It’s $50 bucks an hour, right?”

  5. anonymous coward

    of all the airheads this is the one i’d fuck

  6. mel

    i know she’s got a severe case of ceiling eyes, but god almighty she’s hot! given the chance i’d absolutely erupt a massive glurp of man-nog straight up her fragrant, puckered little balloon knot.

  7. jr

    What’s up?

  8. So she’s already reached the Tara Reid stage of her career

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