1. Cock Dr

    Thanks… home today feeling crappy, but this reminds me that things could be so much worse…I could be hugely pregnant and have a Twitter account.

  2. Are we sure she’s pregnant? She’s not holding her stomach.

  3. Chicks know how utterly revolting this looks right? Let’s cut the “she’s glowing” shit, she’s fat, sweaty, and pees every time she laughs.

  4. DeucePickle

    You KNOW when you’re pregnant with Jay Leno’s baby.

  5. hugh gentry

    Would you rather give Larry King a blowjob, or have sex with Imogen 30 minutes after she gives birth?…and no, you can’t do anal…her hemorrhoids are severly inflamed.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Christ….if this woman so much as farts her stomach is going to rip open like a microwaved hotdog.

  7. That thing looks ready to burst.

  8. AnnaD.

    Taking a fucking iPhone selfie in the bathroom mirror when you’re ready to shit out a baby is taking it 100 steps too far

  9. Huh… and all this time I thought it said “Goodyear” on both sides.

  10. Apparently she was due at the end of January, and it’s looking like she’s having a C-section any day now. Tickets to the blessed event can be purchased through Ticket Master or other ticket vendors. Good seats are still available.

  11. As though the photo wasn’t vomit-inducing enough, the saturation has been cranked up enough to make 60′s children dizzy.

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