1. Animal

    AKA Mickey Rourke in a funhouse mirror.

  2. Phoenix

    “Ah, my little chickadee.”

  3. When your giant nose is shaped like a penis, you can still get the ladies when your tie only comes to your belly button and you have Nick Nolte’s Bum Hair.

  4. He thought it was the Semper Butterball.

  5. B&WMinstrel

    Rihanna posted this pic of her Self Respect to Twitter

  6. jorge

    my father the eater

  7. He’s really nailing the lid on that old stereotype about the French and hygiene

  8. It’s good to have official confirmation that The Penguin will be the villain in the next Batman movie.

  9. I love that he’s just embraced it.

  10. Oh fer fucksake, someone buy this cretin a comb!

  11. Apparently they’ve cast GĂ©rard Depardieu as Wimpy in the French version of Popeye.

  12. papastryfe

    Oswald Cobblepot auditions are this way.

  13. Snelligan

    Gerard Depardon’t.

  14. cc

    Not to Gerard…unlike you, WC Fields was funny.

  15. Kids, see what a combination of too much money, barrels of French wine, not enough work and senility will do to you?

  16. He’s lost a bit of weight. Shitty Russian fare will do that to you.

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