1. Still not as gay as Twi… oh wait.

  2. vgirl

    And this is what you do to a sparkly Peen….I mean Lollipop.

  3. It’s like he’s mesmerized by the bulbous, nearly throbbing, purple head on the pop…glistening with saliva, so shiny he can almost see his hungry face reflected in it. He resists the urge for only an instant before engulfing the slick sweetness with his willing mouth, and he knew satisfaction was only seconds away.

    I’m a little disturbed by how effortlessly that flowed from my keyboard.

  4. haha!

    HE IS HOT!

  5. spacedust

    When did it become normal for adults to eat lollipops?

  6. The Pope

    I thought Corey Haim was dead?!

  7. The worst part about this is that The Situation just made a nickel.

  8. 2for2true


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