1. Frank Burns

    In addition to carrying around three engagement rings, Hewitt now carries around a wedding dress just in case.

  2. SSHGuru

    She actually looks good except for the neck, shoes, dress, face and saggy breasts.

  3. So she picked Kristie Alley as her mentor??

  4. “Where did you get that dress, it’s awful, and those shoes and that coat, jeeeeez!”

  5. When did her menopause start?

  6. EricLr

    Must crystal meth take EVERYONE?

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Was Party of Five on black and white TV?

  8. she looks rode hard, and put away dead.

  9. cc

    Her boobs are hoarding her blood supply.

  10. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    See people. You bitch she always wears the same dress and now this is what we get.

  11. Quiet desperation defined.

  12. Cock Dr

    Busy weekend JLH?
    She looks exhausted. Perhaps that’s a wedding dress and she’s got a nearly dead guy duct taped back in her house. Get out of the woman’s way.

  13. Warren Piece

    Flip to the next picture… then back… until you see it.

  14. CranAppleSnapple

    The spell is wearing off, we can see your hooves.

  15. Young Love

    They should have put her in the bag and let the clothes walk around free.

  16. Wart face

    Fuck. All the attention we gave her calling her a fat saggy ass no talent desperate psychopath got her a job on Lifetime.

  17. High Times

    She looks strung out for only 30 years old. Strung out on drugs. She looks like she has been taking a great deal of drugs for someone only 30 years old. What I’m trying to say is she takes a shit ton of drugs and they have made her look really fucking bad.

  18. Soviet Snow

    Time to start beating off to Lacey Chabert

  19. lily

    girl needs a stylist.

  20. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    So we’ve all heard why her legs crossed the road…

  21. I had been shut up in these rooms a long time (I don’t know how long; you know what time the clocks keep here), when I told him that I wanted a little girl to rear and love, and save from my fate. I had first seen him when I sent for him to lay this place waste for me; having read of him in the newspapers, before I and the world parted.

  22. The Brown Streak

    After buying the giant subway sandwiches for the Super Bowl party, Jennifer Love Hewitt remembered she probably should’ve picked up something for her guests to eat as well.

  23. bewbs

    i know what jennifer did last summer : too many dudes and a bad facelift

  24. Nik

    What the hell happened? Her face didnt look like this two months ago.

  25. Say what you will but I would’t seeing that face staring at me from the bushes.

  26. 2for2true

    The fugliest woman to shit behind two shoes.

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