1. Good Luck Charlie

    I’m so glad to see he avoided falling into the child-star-grows-up-to-look-like-a-loser-drug-addict trap.

  2. Frank Burns

    Looks like he kept a trophy from his street fight with Verne Troyer.

  3. Ell

    11 year old me would be in tears right now.

  4. To quote Lois Griffin: Meth is a helluva drug…

  5. Sad Panda

    To think I used to have his pictures plastered over my room. It’s a sad sad day for my inner child.

  6. Sad Panda

    Also is he wearing brass rings as a necklace? Is that what the washed up teen idols are doing these days?

  7. vgirl

    Celebrity Rehab in 3…2…1….

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    I think he caught whatever Gerard Butler has. Obviously Brandi Granville fucked him too.

  9. With age comes Homosexuality?

  10. …and he ran, he ran so far awaaaayyy…but couldn’t get away (from gay thoughts).

  11. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Apparently he didn’t get the sarcasm when he was told a set of brass knuckles would really compliment his face.

  12. Nice sideburns, Ellen.

  13. Soviet Snow

    Lipstick anyone?

  14. Howard Jones hair? Check.
    Dwight Yoakam sideburns? Check.
    Bartender vest? Check.
    Brass knuckles for a gerbil? Check.
    OK, not sure where this is going, just stating the obvious.

  15. lily

    he looks sickly

  16. BruinsFan311

    Ahh, so that’s where Magic’s HIV went. Case closed.

  17. TaT

    OMG!! What the hell happened to him?!!!

  18. savedatwins

    1 part meth
    2 parts douche
    A sprinkle of boy band gone bad
    2 herpes scabs from starlet
    Let marinade 6-7 years
    Let dry in sun 2-4 months

  19. Nick Carter celebrating his >>47th

  20. a short haired girl

    i would love to make fun of all the girls that loved this ‘mo years ago, but my fave bsb was aj….yeah.

  21. Gertrude

    Talk about ridden hard and put away wet.

  22. Nik

    So he’s a heroin addict and his brother is a meth addict. What a lovely family.

  23. I just looked it up, it was his 32nd birthday… Holy shit!

  24. onos

    hey look its the gay version on NPH

  25. tlmck

    David Spade’s older brother.

  26. Niki sticky

    Vintage Kate Gosselin in menswear?

  27. Ummm, I saw him in concert (with NKOTBSBS) twice this past summer and I swear he didn’t look anything like this then… How did this happen so quickly????

  28. Donald Trump

    OMG meth is a bitch!

  29. He looks like the love child of Billy Idol and Beck, which is really a shame that he isn’t, because he would inevitably have been super rad.

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