1. Good Luck Charlie

    The side hair part and high slit dress is her friend! Girlfriend found her hot.

  2. All kind of delicious.

  3. Colin

    See? This was Celine’s old trick! When someone starts looking at the face, flash legs!

  4. Justin

    lift leg fart

  5. vgirl

    If you are going to show that much leg, atleast choose interesting shoes to go with it.

  6. catapostrophe

    This is that guy from Glee–yes?

  7. Sigh…if only you could take off her head and put a different one on the body….hell, you know what? Just take off the head, I can work with that.

  8. cc

    I wonder…landing strip or smooth…or merkin?

  9. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Is she goosestepping? See, I *knew* you had to be a Nazi to enjoy watching something as base and grotesque as Glee.

  10. She sure knows how to detract from a sub-par face.

  11. Soviet Snow

    Is this the girl from Castle? Cuz that’s who I’d really like to roll with on the carpet.

  12. Bigalkie

    ” Ok Lea, walk like a toy soldier, all the top models do it. You’re so hot “.

  13. Uh oh, somebody get the wind-up key, she’s out of juice.

  14. lily

    butterface. looks good from a distance though

  15. “Hava nagila, hava nagila…”

  16. sc4play

    I can’t be sure from this angle, but I think she has legs that go all the way up and make a complete ass of themselves. I’d be glad to investigate further. You know, take one for the team and all that.

  17. BruinsFan311

    Another classic Monet – good from afar, but far from good.

  18. SimoneDeB

    I can’t believe she isn’t winning awards for her acting, She has such great dramatic range. On Glee she convincing plays an overly ambitious diva who would sell her soul to get ahead. Such talent.

  19. I’d date that. Not only would i watch Glee but I’d pretend I’ve always watched it. “I really like that one where you take a song I really love and let random people sing it.” At that point, I’m hoping she closes the mouth zipper on my mask.

  20. 2for2true

    Nice legs…

  21. HenryHill

    Nice try, Sacha Baron Cohen…crashing the SAG award show, wadda jokester.

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