1. Freebie

    Ladies, those of you of a certain age (over 30 and those especially over 40) should no longer dress like you did in your 20′s. Unless your picture is posed and photoshopped, parts of your body will look terrible. Please – cover up.

    • BE

      That IS photoshopped to make her inner thigh look bad.

      Unless she had her every adductor muscle in that leg removed what you see there CAN’T happen.

      Although I agree, the dress is a miss even in Jamaica.

      • Mike Walker

        The skin on her leg is wrinkly because it’s in motion. If you look at super slo-motion video of elite athletes, their skin and muscles make the same lumps and ripples when they’re running and jumping. It’s not (as) noticable in real-time.

  2. Doctor Joystick

    If I’m looking at this picture correctly, the new Sex in the City movie is a musical?

  3. in Jamaica singing, “No woman no thigh”

  4. cc

    The Shah of Iran started a clothing line? I thought he was dead?

  5. Ugh. You don’t want me walking around without a shirt on at my age and I don’t want to see women dressing like this at her age.

  6. Steven Tyler really needs to quit doing live shows.

  7. SSHGuru

    Sarah Jessica Parker is going to start hanging around with her.

  8. Colin

    Yeesh. Even just a few years ago she had great legs, which was awesome because it distracted people from her face. Now she needs to, I dunno, stand next to Sarah Jessica Parker to distract people from EVERYTHING.

  9. Fig

    Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Star….

  10. Chris

    Cellulite-o-tron will Destroy YOU!!!!

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    The black microphone is flaccid.

  12. It looks like she’s shoplifting and entire ham under her skirt. And not a good one…not a good one at all.

  13. hate myself and want to die

    Jennifer Aniston gets worse every year…

  14. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    When I stare into a gallic chasm that terrifying I really need to hear Werner Herzog’s soothing voice or I totally lose my shit.

  15. Matt

    Someone should tell her that Bane is going to be the villain in the new Batman movie and not Clayface.

  16. Johnny P!

    Must be interesting o hear “Lust For Life” sung in a french-Canadian accent.

  17. it had to be said

    Jazz and Blues Festival? Celine Dion. WTF? Meanwhile, that thigh would be more appropriate at a place celebrating funk.

  18. hijkmno

    wtf? she get bit by a shark?

  19. Adam

    The sea was angry that day, as I sported my shiniest dress and finest cellulite.


    “My fart will go ooooonnnn”

  21. And I thought Celine couldn’t get any lower after her cover of AC/DC

  22. Warren Piece

    Never one to disappoint, Celine Dion was the first woman to successfully sing and queef in pitch-perfect harmony.

  23. Damn, she’s got a huge scrotum.

  24. Robo Penis

    If you look close you can see where the jack hammer has left an unfortunate mark on the inside or her leg.

  25. Xib

    I guess there is a muscle connecting your jaws to your thighs then.

  26. Puke

    I seriously thought this was Steven Tyler

  27. And I thought women only got an underarm wattle as they aged. Man, my high school religion teacher’s underthigh must have looked like a disaster area.

  28. savedatwins

    aguilera, I’mma coming for you. You may drip mysterious fluid down your thigh, but I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrripppppppppppppppleeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  29. dontlooknow

    I’m sorry, but Celine Dion in the same sentence as Jamaica+jazz+blues does not compute.

  30. Twis Ted

    Apparently there’s something with her leg? Personally, I couldn’t get passed the Face.

  31. GuyLeDouche

    Where’s Rick and Shane when you need them?

  32. The Brown Streak

    Betty White has nicer legs. Of course, that’s all thanks to George Takei’s skin cream.

  33. JK

    Leg …face…I think both could especially for a show use a razor before going up there.

  34. Lynx

    I’d hit it!

  35. “The Rise of The Planet of The Dogs.”

  36. Rob

    Finally a “before” picture in the great Celion Dion craps onstage debacle.

  37. Mat

    Looks like she’s covering Cannibal Corpse.

  38. jenyjenjen

    I thought bullfighting was becoming a banned sport.

  39. “And zen we STOMP on zee corndogs and say “YOO DOO NAWT HAVE ZEE POWER OVER MEEE!” Yes, me and LeAnn have gyood times at zee carnival.”

  40. I was going for the “Dee Snider looking (whatever) these days” joke, but I thought l’d ook him up because I realized I don’t know what Snider does look like nowadays… only to read he once penned a song that Dion later recorded… a Christmas song?
    Reality – stranger than Fish Blog comments!

  41. StandardDS

    Chyna has lost some bulk but not the penis.

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