1. GG

    Time is a bitch.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s only 40. The lone possible excuse is that A-Rod’s dick infected her.

  3. farrellthib

    courtney love

  4. kravdan

    Just move your hand a little more and cover up your face and this would be a great photo.

  5. Watching “The Mask” is very bittersweet these days.

  6. As she placed her eye back into its socket, she thought, ‘Maybe meth isn’t so much fun after all.”

  7. bbiowa

    Aaaaand suddenly she’s a junior high school P.E. teacher wearing too much lipstick.

  8. Shithead

    She is such a greasy frog.

  9. wth, I’d still pee in her butt. throw the old broad a bone.

  10. That’s her officer! That’s the bitch who poisoned Snow White!

  11. EricLR

    Hey sweetie, got a cigarette?

  12. “I really hate this Bukkake stuff…”

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