1. Damn it! I don’t know enough about geography to make a proper joke here!

    Curse you public schools!

  2. contusion

    Looks like the tip of Central America would be a nice place to vacation this year.

  3. B&WMinstrel

    I don’t care what the answer is, I just want to know they studied how much methane a cow produced compared with a farting bean eater.

  4. Funny.
    The Middle East is right where her armpit is.

  5. crikey

    So the NorthPole is uninhabited (as is stypical, being a spokesperson for PETA) and the South is the most frigid place on earth?
    Looks like the tropic of cancer did some damage to both sides of the Atlantic and Australia is just one big cornhole

  6. My country is located just under her right tit.

  7. Sorry Maggie. As much as I respect and want to fuck you, I love meat. Certain animals are her for us to eat. Life feeds on life. All this animal rights bullshit is one of the stupidest results of our modern conveniences. If all of the benefits of modern society were gone tomorrow, all of these vegans would be eating meat the instant their stomachs growled.

    • There is a massive difference between going out and hunting your own meat for survival and ‘raising’ it in factories while using injectables and feed to try to hide what shitty quality it really is.

      People are omnivores – we can eat meat or not. Grizzlies are technically carnivores and will rip your face off, but a huge part of their diet is plants and berries and shit. It’s less that we eat meat vs how MUCH meat we eat.

      • The real problem is actually human overpopulation. There are too many to feed and food is too easily accessible to some and not accessible to others at all.

  8. bbiowa

    Hmm. Thought a Brazilian went well below the navel.

  9. I’d go balls deep in her outback. As long as she can shut the hell up until I’m done.

  10. broduh jenner

    we should all just be thankful they didn’t decide to use dave navarro for this shoot.

  11. Contusion

    Damn, Cape Horn gets all the pussy.

  12. JoJojojojojoo

    Go vag is more like it

  13. I wonder if she needs a south pole?

  14. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Why aren’t her tattoos inane english words?

  15. Apparently PETA is running out of actresses I want to see naked.

  16. I am ready to do a round the world trip.

  17. “In today’s news, a giant sinkhole has collapsed just outside of São Paulo, Brazil. Upon inspection, scientists found it to be full of belly-button lint…”

  18. stevebrt

    I lay claim on the Falkland islands

  19. EricLR

    Apparently they’ve discovered crabs on Anarctica.

  20. Max

    I always wanted to travel the world.

  21. I never before now imagined my penis as the South Pole

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