1. contusion

    With the baby bump and all, that’s one hell of a convincing tranny.

  2. bdog821

    Busy indeed apparently

  3. B&WMinstrel

    She’s sweatin’ for two

  4. time to put down the hamburgers, and get ‘busy’ on that treadmill, fatso!

  5. Colin

    For a minute, I thought it said “Bus Phillips,” but it’s her name, not a description.


  7. At fightin’ weight she’s a doll. Maybe she’ll get back towards her optimum look postpartum, ‘cuz her beauty is well hidden here.

  8. Brigitte Nielsen has really put her life back together after ditching Flava Flave

  9. Where's my hat ?

    Hmmm. Strong, solid jawline. I wonder which singer she’d be bested suited too….

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