1. SIN

    Wow. One hot mama

  2. Frank Burns

    Good god! 0_0

  3. Wrong lipstick, but I wouldn’t change anything else.

  4. amanda

    you guys must like weird brows and dead eyes. she has decent features but she’s nothing special. yawn.

  5. Unimpressed

    I sees meh sum strech marks onna left titeh.
    Or shadows I suppose, but eh.

  6. Still as beautiful as ever.

  7. Jess is, apparently, haute for the cameraman.
    Must be. Couldn’t be me so it musta been you!

  8. katie

    Nice stretch marks, Wrinkletit.

  9. anonym

    Veiny tit.

    but still a MILF

  10. Karma's Bastard Child

    She is the definition of everything a woman should be!

  11. amanda

    So everything a woman should be is a vapid talentless dead boring cunt? no thanks you shallow bastards. lol. and yes im hotter than her.

    • amanda, trolling cow who hasn’t had a man even look at her in so long she actually blames beautiful, young, successful women who AREN’T on welfare and don’t NEED a guy to support them. too fun.

  12. amanda

    jalbas eyes are fucked up. the only good thing about her face is her lips and face shape. her eyebrows really annoy me because they are too bushy and also have s bad shape and she tries to make them look good but they don’t. and her eyes are so droopy and dead.

  13. Looking a little tired, and the lipstick colour clashes with her tone, but she still manages to look better than half the other actresses out there.

  14. Pat C.

    I’m ready for an “Into the Blue” sequel .

  15. Stretch marks on the boobs is a definite disqualifier for “hot chick” in my book.

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