1. Meow? no thats not right. Woof? nope, thats not it. Oh yeah…MOOOOOOOO!

  2. A guy in a red ski-mask, you say? No, didn’t see him.

  3. Smapdi

    Suitable that someone with a giant ass would be dressed like a giant roll of toilet paper.

  4. contusion


  5. your mom

    All that TP will come in handy later. Hope it’s extra absorbent.

  6. farrellthib

    i hate you pig. die!

  7. Kim,
    Once again, it looks like you are simply ENJOYING the small miracles of motherhood. Knowing another person is inside of your belly, expanding it and the neighboring ass, legs, double-chin, etc is just one of the many day-to-day JOYS of conception, isn’t it Kim?!?


  8. Cock Dr

    I wonder how many swans died so that this cow could cover her haunches?

  9. kravdan

    Go away!

  10. bbiowa

    Kinda wish Kris was still beating her.

  11. worst yeast infection ever.

  12. broduh jenner

    she’s looking more and more like a cast member on shahs of sunset everyday.

  13. bernard

    Cluck Cluck

  14. She thought she was going to a masquerade party, so she dressed as a feather duster.

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