1. “Awesome Bonus Covers” For after you’ve messed up the first one!

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Never faked anything? That’s right, Billy Ray, you know how to please a lady.

  3. I can’t wait to see her in 2018′s version of The Canyons:
    Miley Cyrus as you’ve no doubt seen her, plays the legendary and now dead Lindsey Lohan…

  4. It’s Photoshop, B*tches…

  5. Cock Dr

    Please if there is a god those type of padded shoulders will never come back into style.

  6. Frank Burns

    I guess you can’t fake your sexual orientation if you aren’t sure what it is yet . . . but kudos to Miley for finally answering the foremost question on her mind, “What would I look like as a young Ellen DeGeneres?”.

  7. If given the opportunity, I would find new and perverse acts that would inevitably leave her unsatisfied all day long.


  8. Cosmo is a piece of shit. In related news, she’s never faked anything? Except her singing, in fact just calling her a singer is a lie.

  9. I almost feel wrong for wanting to do things to her that I wouldn’t do to a farm animal. Almost…

  10. I think I can, I think I can…

  11. Soon she will be all dirty finger nails and chipped teeth too.

  12. Stupid

    I’d still eat that in a heartbeat.

  13. peyteygaya

    Fat. And a boy. And ugly.

  14. I would bang her six ways from Sunday.

  15. Itty Bitty Tiny Titties please come out to play!

  16. Jaime

    Forget about her, I want to know about the three words you should never say to a man.

    Too bad I would never buy a rag that puts that dimwit on the cover.

  17. Pat C.

    Gotta get a chick to buy this issue for me.

  18. Oh goody, 20 more “best sex ever” moves from the people who previously brought sex tips like “do housework together” and “have sex with your clothes on”

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