1. Jack Daniels sells silicone implants?

  2. A Labyrinth reboot, eh?

  3. “The Force. It’s a powerful thing. But not quite as powerful as the bold taste of Jack Daniels whiskey.”

  4. so looks, I can juggle this ball with one hand, drink the booze with the other, and bang this chick down here no handed!

  5. JoJojojojojoo

    He’s just practicing his special Leonardo fingering techniques

  6. Karma's Bastard Child

    One of these days women will wake up to realize how goofy DiCaprio looks. I have to believe that. My sex life depends on it!

  7. jorge

    i didn’t know that he had mastered the Fushigi ball

  8. stevebrt

    Jack Daniels now with added Telekinesis

  9. EricLR

    Behold my vagina-derived magic powers!!!

  10. “Digging this thing out of my nose hurt like a mo-fo!”

  11. What fucking sorcery is this???

  12. And this is how you make any girl cum like never before in under 5 seconds

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