1. Thank god for sluts.

  2. Nothing like starting your shift early

  3. karlito

    if they were suddenly transported to Afganistan the Taliban would be gleefully polishing their rocks (not cocks) to stone these women to death.

  4. tlmck

    I approve of this photo.

  5. ThisHookerDon'tRun

    America! Fuck yeah!

  6. “Hold me up, I feel faint. I think that sesame seed from 5 hours ago is wearing off.”

  7. Shithead

    Skank brigade…reporting for duty

  8. Wow – street hookers in broad daylight – I knew once they started letting gays get married this shit would happen, but no, nobody listened.

  9. JoJojojojojoo

    That’s not their…outfits…right…? I mean, they aren’t *wearing* that for realizes, are they? They’re filming an ironic scene about stupid slutty clothing, yes? Right? Right?

  10. Tuck, tuck, goose!

  11. How serendipitous. Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  12. logan

    when there are that many sluts seen together, is it called a flock of sluts? covey? herd? litter? swarm? brood? Or perhaps a quiver?

  13. Me

    Is a shank -a -thon a real thing now??

  14. EricLR

    Their fathers must be so proud…and also in prison.

  15. Walk of shame or victory lap?

  16. I really wish the ‘front button undone and folded over’ look would die. My ex boyfriend’s 13 year old daughter has pictures posted of herself like that. It’s so intentionally trashy.

    Not that anything else would be possible from his lot, but hey.

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