1. Gosh that 1 OAK Nightclub had all the best guests.

  2. cc

    Back right would have been worth a closer look.

  3. anonymous

    That must have be one helluva an orgy.

    When ended and they got dressed, Carla’s ended up with her sister’s shoes and someone else’s sleeves.

  4. Cat

    They appear to be wearing each other’s shoes. Why?

  5. I love America

    They are, how you say, prostitutes?

  6. malaka

    even though i certainly wouldn’t be the first,
    i wouldn’t mind exploring howe’s caverns.

  7. Why bother asking if the carpet matches the curtains when the legs don’t even match the face?

  8. Hey, girls, what’s shakin’?”
    “All eight cheeks and a couple of chins.”

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