1. He downloaded her from Napster.

  2. JimBB

    One of these is a little bitch with a vagina. The other one is wearing a dress.

  3. Lars, Lars, Lars… HairClub for Men. Google it.

  4. Dafuq? He looks like the crypt keeper…

  5. cc

    Get some sleep.

  6. Life’s not fair

  7. Zeta

    Beetlejuice, is that you?

  8. I like to imagine an alternate universe where Cliff survives instead and I don’t watch my favorite metal band slowly turn into bitter whiny assholes. Instead we got this guy. This truly is the darkest timeline.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s ugly.
    She loves money.

    And that’s the story of why he’s suing 10 year-olds.

  10. Lars is a real asshole.

  11. He is looking a bit like Reverend Jim from Taxi.

  12. Jessica still regrets the day she asked for a little danish with her breakfast, and ended up with Lars. You know it’s sad, but true.

  13. Hate this whiny little fucker, hilarious that Sean Parker is a billionaire now. He should have hired Metallica to play his wedding, just to rub it in this asshole’s face.

  14. JaDeWe

    What in the hell happened to Michael Keaton? On the bright side Bruce Jenner looks fantastic.

  15. Tinkles

    When did he become the creepy guy from Phantasm?

  16. Goddamn it’s the crypt keeper and his latest victim.

  17. Schadenfreude

    Desperate for a box office hit, Hollywood producers come up with the unlikely romantic comedy: “When Smeagol met Morticia.”

  18. Weekend at Lars’s.

  19. I know my cat buried that in its litter box. What the hell is it wearing a tie for.

  20. Yikes!

    Holy crap!

    The Crypt Keeper & the dead girl he dressed up as a Mannequin!

    I’ve seen this episode of “Tales from the Crypt!”

  21. tlmck

    Billy Crystal is looking rough these days.

  22. This is what happens when you say Beetlejuice three times.

  23. she aint so pretty

  24. “Ffffilthy napstersss they sssstole our royatliesssss.”

  25. Galaxy

    I just realized how old most of the users on this site are. I have no idea who this is.

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