1. cmonreally

    “Ain’t no wifey?” Of course not – you’re 12, and last I checked, Scientology has yet to break into the pedophilia market.

  2. cc

    She won’t be whipping that fro.

  3. I have a hard time telling which is Willow and which is Jaden and determining which is the boy and which is the girl.

    The Mexican 5th grader mustaches just add to the complication.

  4. Josephus

    You have the caption reversed. I think. No? I have no idea.

  5. These kids look like they’re already permanently broken.

  6. After seeing these two assholes, how can anybody be against spanking children?

  7. CK

    Willow, you have nothing to be worried about.

  8. How is it possible to get not one but two fucked up kids like this? Since his older son is normal and well adjusted, I assume we have to blame Jada, or her genetics.

  9. Remember, just 50¢ a day will feed starving and diseased children like these, and they will be forever grateful. Assuming their diseases don’t kill them first.

  10. fred

    You can tell they are fading by the quality of the event. I am not an “A Lister,” but I imagine the order of preference (in descending order) is:

    1. The Grammy Ceremony
    2. Pre-Grammy Party Thrown by Famous Celebrity
    3. Pre-Grammy Party Thrown by Big Company
    4. Pre-Grammy Lunch Thrown by Big Company
    5. Pre-Grammy Brunch Thrown by . . .anyone

  11. broduhjenner

    I’ll bet you Will loaned her that shirt.

  12. Seriously, yo. Dafuq is wrong with the Smith kids? Jeez……

  13. Aunt Cracker

    They must have caught Jaden off guard. He’s only got the 2nd stupidest look on a face I’ve ever seen.

  14. coljack

    Remember that movie where Jaden was stranded with his dad on a planet. And it was earth, and it was devastated. It was so bad no one could live there anymore. So anyway, it was just Jaden and Will, no one else – literally the only ones on the entire planet – and the earth was destroyed.

    I don’t know – it just sounds like a pretty good tradeoff right now.

  15. We squirted forth from a famous man’s balls. Recognize.

  16. bpsoup

    Sometimes there’s just not enough rocks.

  17. I_Love It!

    Will Smith’s daughters are just adorable.

  18. Jaden is either had a moment of clarity, or he is losing that last bit of intelligence before mentally sliding into something sub human.

  19. hahahah

    Which ones which? I think the first ones the dude, and the 2nd is the sister

  20. anonym

    aint no wifey.
    haha. no shirt can be more correct.

    All these hollywood celebs and fucked up looking kids.
    will smith, bruce willis.

  21. Be Bo Wobbley

    This is what happens when the aliens breed with Scientologists.

  22. Andie

    Wow, that is one androgynous little girl.

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