1. Most fucked up delivery in maternal history.
    On the bright side, at least he looks like Papa.

  2. cc

    He’s married to Gwen Stefani?

  3. There has never been a time when that was good hair.

  4. Why do women like these little shitting and pissing dogs? Isn’t the purpose of a dog in the house to protect you in case of danger if need be? What the fuck can that little thing do? It’ll just shit and piss itself.

  5. this guy looks like he cut off george clooney’s face and is wearing it as a poorly fitting mask. Also, is carrying a dog.

  6. Oh, umm, okay.

  7. Aunt Cracker

    Gwen’s so much better than this asshole.Who screws around on Gwen Steffani?

  8. brad

    The definition of pure annoyance!

  9. Krispy

    These comments get meaner by the page. Did someone drop water on your head or feed you guys after midnight. I think you must all be clones of Spike from the Gremlins.

  10. Fifty

    Welcome to the superficial Krispy, now go fuck your goody two shoes self!

  11. Holy shit he’s starting to Gwenize.

  12. The Dog Frosted Tips-perer.

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