1. Her mom took this picture. You can tell because there’s no reflection in the sunglasses.

  2. cc

    She wishes they were brains. Okay not really.

  3. cmonreally

    “Kim thinks she can steal all the attention with her tits and her baby. I’ll show her.”

  4. Lord Helmet

    True to the name of this site I’ll ignor who this is and just concentrate on the tits.

  5. In her cleavage, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering, as you are slowly digested over a thousand years

  6. As long as she doesn’t talk, she truly is an angel.
    A whoring, narcissistic angel, but still…

  7. Ronaldo


  8. chilepie

    She’s the prettiest Kardashian! That’s why she has the hottest man ;)

    • Scott Disick is the hottest Kardashian man. That’s like saying Moe was the smartest Stooge.

    • *cough cough* brokest man. Most unemployed man. Most possibly gay man well okay no Kanye probably still has that one.

      • me

        Most SMARTEST man! He hit pay dirt with this skank and you can see he clearly gives two shits about her and he’s always letting her down on the show…but she has his kid so she’s stuck with him/paying for him. One day she’ll grow tired of wearing the pants in the relationship, yearn for a REAL man that REALLY loves her and she’ll dump the guy. You know he’s only good to her because he HAS to be…I know, I’m with an annoying, controlling bitch right now but she has mad cash so I have to force myself every now and then to pretend I love her…these chicks are so easily fooled

  9. alex

    nice tits. HORRIBLE lack of a soul.

  10. She is the most tolerable of the Kardashian sisters and I still can’t tolerate her.

  11. “I’m not sure if there’s any gas in here or not. Give me a match.”

  12. The Duwamish Indian tribe believed photographs could steal your soul.

    Best of luck to you Polaroid…this one is a dry well.

  13. The only Kardashian I ever wanted to bang until Kendall came along. Kourtney is still hot though.

  14. Would you f**k me? I’d f**k me. I’d f*ck me so hard. -BuffaloBill

  15. i’d put my nuts in her mouth…

  16. Aunt Cracker

    I don;t even understand how Scott can stand this bitch. Now that is saying something but she is truly despicable.

  17. anonymous

    For some reason, no matter how much money this one makes, she never really fit the high maintenance image of the rest of family. Her babies’ daddy looks like he spends more on product that she does.

    Even here she looks like she’s trying on some cheap shades at a some swap meet or at a street vendor.

  18. Teacher: “Mason can you tell me what a mother does?”
    Mason: “Whores around, takes selfies and carries semen for douchbags?”

  19. whatatwat

    This look is a dime a dozen, what are we supposed to bow down at her “beauty’? She’s like the chick next door, very dull

  20. Just think, that’s one lucky douche that gets to lay next to those tits every night….and then roll over and ignore them

  21. Robb7

    Fake tits. Move on…

  22. Too Late

    I know those tits are the path to the dark side….
    But, but I just can’t stop looking….

    Too late, Oh noooooo…………

  23. mikeJ

    nice armpits.

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