1. I bought his boner meds. Didn’t work.

  2. I can’t believe Ron Jeremy is still alive. His body must sustain itself from some rare strain of gonorrhea.

  3. cc

    I’m glad the ‘Sloth’ guy made an almost full recovery.

  4. AIDS: Before and After

  5. Hugh G. Rection

    On another picture, I commented that it was somebody’s job to photograph Taylor Swift’s ass. The flip side is that it is also somebody’s job to photograph Ron Jeremy’s face.

  6. What I’m getting here is that decades of having sex with thousands of women who are way out of your league withers a mans very soul leaving him a husk, neither truly alive nor dead. Totally worth it.

  7. coljack

    Yes, he’s old. Yeah, he’s washed up. Sure, he looks like a molester. Even Farrah Abraham doesn’t want to be seen with him. But before you get to feeling all superior and pitying him…

    Still has an eleven inch cock.

  8. Son of Flubber

    This is proof PETA kills animals, as Ron has pounded thousands of pussies.

  9. Lucy

    I bet all you guys wish you were him.

  10. Father Dougal

    Note other dude in picture…. Who the hell checks out Ron Jeremy’s ass fer Chrissakes?

  11. Dead man walking.

  12. so fucking disgusting

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