1. bob

    Is he one of the dwarfs from the Hobbit?

  2. Ronaldo

    Dressed up as a reporter is the only way he can get in. How sad.

  3. Is this “performance art,” “hipster ironic,” or “fucking stupid”? I’m not too up on things.

  4. i can’t stop looking at this picture.

  5. alex

    It looks like Corey is wearing a Corey mask.

  6. It’s actually Andy Kaufman doing Corey Feldman doing Tony Clifton…the guy’s a genius.

    • That was my first thought

      • malaka

        that’s some brilliant observation without a doubt.
        i would have said he looks like some alien researching a role for the new geraldo rivera bio-pic. but your comment was much funnier.
        also, notice how he’s holding that microphone..
        that’s good form.

  7. Pickle Nose

    Poor guy. He does everything short of wearing a sign that says “will suck c*ck for attention” to maintain a shred of relevance, and it’s still not working.

  8. Is he supposed to be in disguise? Because he looks like Corey Feldman in a wig.

  9. Victims of pedophilia often perpetuate the cycle of abuse. Look for the early warning signs.

  10. So, seriously. Somebody please tell me…is he wearing a costume, or does he actually just look like that. I’ve been asking the same question about Corey Feldman for 20+ years and nobody will give me a definitive answer.

  11. Dox

    Sad truth:
    This is the closest to normal he has looked in years.

  12. Vlad

    I’m Horatio J HooDoo, reporting for Film On TV

  13. Son of Flubber

    This reminds me, I gotta watch Troll 2 again.

  14. Lets Hear It

    Best he’s ever looked.

    Can’t wait until he tells all about Michael Jackson raping him.

    Wade Robson set the ball rolling… Corey could tell the whole story… it would be on Sixty Minutes for sure… he would be famous again!

    Bigger than before!

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