1. I hate myself but, goddam!

  2. dreamcrusher

    I would cash in my 401K right now for one lick at that thang.

    Long and lean with a smoking hot lower unit.

  3. brick

    Let me think a sec. Does the remarkable ass trump the amount of crazy one would have to put up with?

    No. But it’s pretty close.

  4. Sheppy

    That’s one pert lil’ butt

  5. My TSwift fascination is not a secret, but you fucks talking about how sweet that ass is are crazy. She has no tits and or ass. I’m only in it cuz she looks like a cat and is 6 foot tall.

  6. cc

    However much the photographer got paid for this, it wasn’t enough.

  7. hahaha

    typical white girl flat ass

  8. That’s a great flat, white girl ass. Too bad it’s attached to Taylor Swift.

  9. Hugh G. Rection

    It’s actually somebody’s job to take pictures of Taylor Swift’s ass. It makes me regret all the choices I’ve made in life.

  10. Ok…she has my uninvited attention.

    I know what I said.

  11. She is so goddamn fine, the things I would do to her.

  12. Kim Kardashina

    White guys like tiny little asses so it doesn’t make their teeny little peeters appear so pathetically small in comparison.

  13. Son of Flubber

    I wanna declare Jihad on her lady parts.

  14. I think she’s gorgeous, but I wasn’t very taken with her reaction to someone else getting “Album of the Year” last night. Makes me rethink my position.

  15. What exactly does she do at the gym, sit in the corner drinking a skinny latte while scoffing at people?

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