1. ThisWillHurt

    Nice try, Photo Boy; using pictures from People of Walmart to fill in the gaps on your posts. I see through it.

  2. Looks like Dia Betty’s afraid Marge will stop the Mother Loving Sugar company’s supply lines again.

  3. “Okay Boo-Boo, what aisle are them demitasse spoons on?”

  4. That pretty much says it all right there. I’m moving to Norway. This place is fucked.

  5. Here we may observe the southern manatee (Trichechus manatus australis) in its native habitat.

  6. cc

    Stocking up on shortening I see.

    • Sugar. And those are the 4lb cans. So that’s at least 24 fucking lbs of sugar.

      The mirror and razor blades are probably hidden under the camo.

      • cmonreally

        What you don’t see is the second cart behind her that Sugar Bear is pushing, filled half with Crisco and even more Domino’s sugar.

      • Could be that the “girls” are coming over for their book club meeting, and that she’s going to make a batch of 100 dozen cookies for those with the munchies.

  7. cc

    Looks like she’s on a roll.

  8. she should buy more dominos sugar.
    so she can sprinkle it on her dominos sugar.

  9. They should drop her off on a remote beach in Alaska and film her getting gang raped by a herd of elephant seals.

  10. Sadly, she thought she was buying pizza mix.

  11. 24lbs of cane sugar and dixi cups…because washing dishes during a diabetic seizure? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  12. Hugh G. Rection

    She’d be pretty hot if she lost 150 pounds.

  13. Now Clooney’s face makes sense, he saw this creature. Someone needs to tell Sea World they are missing one of their killer whales.

  14. “Just need to find the Diet Coke and then I’m done.”

  15. Jenn

    Is she just mainlining it? A 4lb bag lasts me a couple months.
    Fat Mama June needs to cut back, and stop buying those damn plastic containers.

  16. Son of Flubber

    Future photo of Honey Boo Boo.

  17. Aunt Cracker

    Maybe if there’s any sugar left after dinner she’ll use it to make a scrub to get rid of the neck crust.

  18. Krispy

    Wow!!! You people are so mean.

  19. Being of considerable girth myself, I try to use discretion in making comments about our more corpulent citizens. But I just gotta wonder if someone actually put his dick inside that woman. Any why.

  20. I_Love It!

    Pierce Brosnan’s had his eye on that one…

  21. This is how Chris Christie relaxes on the weekend.

  22. ” ‘scuse me where is the gravy aisle at ?”

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