1. He gets like this when Ann Coulter’s nearby.

  2. cc

    Looks like he experienced fleeting regret about leaving Stacy Keibler. Or more specifically, her ass.

  3. Is January Jones in the vicinity?

  4. “And if it wasn’t for you meddling kids, I would have gotten away with it too!”

    “Scobby Dobby Dooooo!”

  5. He’s getting the shakes because the nearest vagina to him is only a six.

  6. Personal hero of mine.

  7. Hank E. Ring

    Get off of my lawwwn!

  8. anonymous

    I think the old man switch has finally flipped on this guy.

  9. Aunt Cracker

    He looks like he just sharted himself and is not sure of his next move.

  10. Son of Flubber

    “Damn you, Flomax”

  11. “I like me some of them French fried taters pretty good. Umm hmmm…”

  12. I_Love It!

    “I’m fixin’ to kill you with this here Slingblade, some call it a Kaiser blade, uh-huh!”

  13. “Nobody tells me to see a doctor if I have an erection lasting longer than six hours!”

    • If I take Viagra and have an erection that lasts more than four hours, I am NOT calling a doctor. I’m calling all of my old girlfriends. Then I’m calling the media!

  14. “You rang ?”

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