1. dontkillthemessenger

    Mr. Burns, circa 1962.

  2. Wipe that caterpillar off your face, man.

  3. Woody Allen circa 1961.

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      sprinkle a little Beck

  4. Next thing you know, he’ll pull an Angelina Jolie and start banging one of the Vietnamese ones…

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Got MLK?

  6. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t train nose hairs.

  7. It is like someone let Beck loose in Gilligan’s wardrobe.

  8. NAMBLA called…you’re on the poster!

  9. tlmck

    You are not fooling anyone with that disguise David Spade!

  10. DeucePickle

    ….Ginger and Mary Anne
    Here on Gilligan’s Isle !

  11. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave



  12. He only drove the 700 miles to Park City, Utah to make sure that teenage girl was okay being home alone Mr. Hansen.

  13. He doesn’t have time for questions; he’s only there that day for a three hour tour. A three hour tour.

  14. I can’t believe he turned down the lead in the remake of The Terminator.

  15. Poison Ivy League

    He looks like a certified Analrapist.

  16. Most disturbing here is that Under Armor seems to make pea coats.

  17. Bigalkie

    A young sleuth proudly displays his J Edgar Hoover button. He looks like a dedicated crime fighter.

  18. More like Datelessline

  19. It’s great to see that Bloodhound Gang reunion happening…the 3-2-1 Contact show that is not the Band.

  20. We could also play a game: find any object on Michael not dripping with hipster irony or worn with a nod and a wink.

  21. Here we see the tormented artist, trapped between boyhood and manhood. Or is it trapping a boy’s manhood? Hard to say.

  22. nadia

    he’s trying to reprise the role of gilligan in the upcoming remake of gilligan’s island

  23. Does the State of Utah require him to have a carry permit for that nose?

  24. AnnaDraconida

    I can’t stand this pasty wanker. His movies suck & he looks like his mother was a hamster & his father probably smelt of elderberries.

  25. SM

    …so trim up your pencil ‘stache and pop them peepers, you a certified creeper…

  26. cc

    The Green Bay fan in the background mistook him for Brett embarrassing.

  27. I didn’t realize he could grow facial hair…

  28. Courtballs

    That mustache is for a role right? Oh, I forgot we live in a Jesse Eisenberg world now.

  29. AtomicMug

    Two turntables and a microphone?

  30. VisitorQ

    Bob Denver, but more rapey.

  31. Nik

    I was oddly attracted to him in superbad, but that is now all gone.

  32. Judge Ito

    Free mustache rides

  33. Stinkhammer

    Vote for pedro-phile.

  34. We Are Fucked

    Michael Cera worth 22 million dollars and that’s the best he can do.

  35. Little Tongue

    Praise the Lord, Gilligan is back from the grave!

  36. MoJoTee

    Look: I can grow a mustache now!
    (We all remember younger daze and our first facial hair experiments…)

  37. ze scoundrel

    He looks like the new bachelor.

  38. Fribble

    Mr. Oldman, how do you feel about your Oscar nomination?

  39. He’ll let us be his chaperone at the halfway home.

  40. Chief

    He really makes that Pedro mustache work.

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