1. I punched a douche and I liked it.

  2. Breathe Right Strips come in Extra Breathy?

  3. Joe

    Looks like someone got his nose caught in da woodchippah.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    No one creeps up behind Eric Roberts

  5. Reverse MJ nose.

  6. David Spade looks like shit

  7. Maria

    Bank robbery always use the same the same trick, putting a band aid on their face, so the teller focus on the band aid and forgets what they look like. All they remember is the band aid. This is a very good strategy for him, as well.

  8. Jeez, he looks just like one of my drug connections from back in the 60′s.

  9. jal

    Who is Helen Hunt taking a picture of in the background?

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