1. Doesn’t even look like her. It looks like something over tanned from Jersey Shore.

  2. whoa…bet she’s regretting not taking it in the duff about now.

  3. DeucePickle

    Are there supposed to be 5 tri-mesters ?

  4. Bigalkie

    Her Canadian hockey player husband was a boy scout and he has drilled the ” be prepared ” motto into her valley girl brain. He bought her a nice pair of Canadian mukluk’s in case of a freak Los Angeles snow storm.

  5. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    I get it. Hillary Duff -> Sir Edmund Hillary -> topographic maps of mountains -> that shirt. Clever, clever girl.

  6. If you zoom in on the small print in the DVD sale sign, it says, “Free copy of The Lizzie McGuire Movie with every purchase.”

  7. The Brown Streak

    People tend to forget, she already gave birth, when she goes to Starbucks her tummy balloons out like a little puppy after drinking milk.

  8. I used to think she was kind of hot, but man, those horizontal stripes are making her look fat.

  9. Raoul

    “I coulda just swallowed, but noooo…”

  10. She complained to her husband that she feels bloated and crappy all the time and he said, “Well I wanted to stick it in your butt, but you were afraid it might hurt!”

  11. dontlooknow

    Geez, can’t these hollywood broads lay off the ice cream? What a fatty! LOL

  12. Sin

    I would still nail her right now. Love the way her ass is growing in proportion to her belly. Wonder how big those titties really are?

  13. shonzie

    Snooki DID lose weight! Wow!

  14. tlmck

    It’s like her butt and the coffee are in different time zones.

  15. “And starring Hilary Duff as the doppler effect.”

  16. Flieber

    Is she carrying twins? One in front and one in back?

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