1. For the first time commenting on this site, I am confused as to who to make fun of first…

  2. Britain’s got bleeccchhhh…

  3. 36C is a nice cup size for him.

  4. In every picture, there is a moley Inuit man/woman saying it with his/her camel toe/weiner toe…. and eyes.

  5. can’t…look…away. Manboobs…hypnotic

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I wish they could see now the two beautiful women they’ll turn out to be

  7. Even his new girlfriend is jealous of his tits.

  8. Bigalkie

    Simon Cowell proudly introduces the world to his love child, Chinny, a product of a brief affair with Demi Moore.

  9. Two phones…one for each moob

  10. MRF

    My face is up here, sweetheart.

  11. India called, and they want their sashquash back. We have Kloe Kardashian, and they have this thing.

  12. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    She’s not there for an autograph, she’s blubber hunting and she’s about to become the greatest Eskimo in her village.

  13. The Brown Streak

    I didn’t know Simon was dating William Hung.

  14. I wonder how much milk he yields.

  15. AnnaDraconida

    For fuck’s sake, wear a bra, man!

  16. Holding his entire office in his left hand, a jubilant Simon Cowell, escorting his new bride, begins to enjoy a day of leisure.

  17. Mike701

    Finally Cowell has come forward acknowledging his love child with Susan Boyle.

  18. Blech

    Cowell’s man-boobs mark the beginning of this innocent young lady’s trek into a world of insecurity.

  19. Contusion

    Simon loves it when Jonathon Winters does that Eskimo character.

  20. Juaquin ingles

    Is it a fucking requirement now to screw your Mexican housekeeper?

  21. “I hear you, Hasselhoff. It’s ON. Moob-a-moob. Name a time and place and I’ll be there with my faithful squire Juanita La Mole.”

  22. cagster

    Holy Moley! I reckon I could take out that thing with an Angry Bird.

  23. vandinz

    LOL sunglasses in Manchester? Get a grip you useless cunt.

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