1. Looks like a monkey, spanks like one too.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Do I smell Mexican over there?

  3. You can literally hear aahhrroooaahhhoo from this picture

  4. “Uuunh uunh uh uunnh!”
    Sorry, Ahnuld. It’s definitely lockjaw.

  5. pretty vacant

    chris walken called.
    he knows what he wants.
    and he wants his hair back.

  6. does he have a lackey who walks around with a fan blowing in his face?

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    It’s all about treating your body with respect. He’s glad now he never got in to cycling.

  8. He smells old maid.

  9. “Show me your Kitz!”

  10. Felonious Monkey

    I can see both vestiges of Neanderthal and Nazi in this old overrated douchebag.

  11. The Brown Streak

    “No, Arnold, we said we were going to PLAY old maid.”

  12. bewbs

    what… the hell… are you?

  13. Nice sweater, Mr. Rogers. On today’s very special episode, King Friday impregnates Henrietta Pussycat and Queen Sarah Saturday both at the same time. Let’s follow the trolley.

  14. “I t’ink I look moch bettah dan Dafid Hasslehoff…bot vait! I t’ink I smell Mexican poosey!”

  15. Why is he always photographed in places that sound like provinces in Risk these days?

  16. Meatus

    Comb with me if you vant to live.

  17. Juaquin ingles

    When you’ve hit 70 and you’re hangin out, zipping up an open fly is a dangerous sport.

  18. dooood

    crush your energy drinks!
    see them driven before you!
    and hear the lamentation of the groping victims!

  19. BRB guys, I got this sudden urge to check out the “dogs in car windows” vids.

  20. tlmck

    “Is dat da choppa ova deah”.

  21. Chief

    It’s like a Pug sticking its head out the passenger side window on the Santa Monica Fwy.

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