1. I bet she is rushing to meet Donna Martin and Brenda Walsh at the Peach Pit to gossip about boys.

  2. it had to be said

    So, she’s like the Soccer Mom I most want to nail at the drop-off line. Is that an insult or not?

  3. It's the kimkim, bitches

    No, still don’t get.

  4. So big. So milky white. Such perfect separation going right down the center. Of course I’m referring to her front teeth.

  5. I can’t make fun of Ali Larter…she just looks too California-girl gorgeous!

    Yeah, I know she was born and raised in New Jersey, but I figure it’s just some sort of a cosmic placement error.

  6. Sin

    Why is her neck so red? Did she just scrub off a Pearl Necklace?

  7. Last time I saw a face like that it was in a gopher trap.

  8. Too hot for snark, sorry.

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