1. Gummy Bear Pimp

    First, I thought it was Beyonce. Second, if she posted only pics like this her public image might be better. Of course nothing can help the PR drag that is Chris Brown.

  2. “Does this one cover up all the bruises?”

  3. cc

    I guess Chris Brown only used his left this time round.

  4. Nonny Moose

    Last known photo…

  5. tlmck

    Stupid bitch is heading for Jlo territory.

  6. Brit

    The new hairstyle covers up the black eye rather well

  7. lawn

    Nice ass. Too bad it’s attached to Rihanna.

  8. Is this the only known photo where Rhianna is aware of a camera and actually remained fully clothed?

  9. Dammit it looks good.

  10. GJerk

    My mom wore the same thing…before she died.

  11. anonymous

    Why does every picture Rihanna tweets look like she just wiped off a random dude’s cum from some part of her body?

  12. Jeeze, so now they are photoshopping twitter pictures too?

  13. She looks pretty damn sexy here. Great waist-to-hip ratio. Makes me want to invite her over to eat.

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