1. tlmck

    I think someone is guilty of a little wishful thinking.

  2. karlito


  3. Your move Skaarsgard…

  4. Allison Wunderlan

    I think it’s raining anal beads in his pants.

  5. Gummy Bear Pimp

    Damn it, grandpa got out again! Someone fix his pants and take him back to the nursing home. It’s pudding day.

  6. First there was the saggy jean, then the skinny saggy jean. Now comes skinny Hammer Pants

  7. Vanessa

    Jon Hamm he is not.

  8. Nonny Moose

    I pooped ‘em…

  9. If he has the goods to fill out those pants, that would explain how he was able to bag Miranda Kerr.

  10. EZ-B

    As soon as giant ribbed lizard penis’ and denim jackets become the next big thing, Orlando is going to be SET.

  11. LadyMoustache

    I had a pair just like that — in 1982.

  12. cc

    The Orlando Bloom who used to fuck Kate Bosworth and is now married to Miranda Kerr? *presses barrel against temple*

  13. What the fuck, is he about to skydive off a building?


    Also, how the fuck did he get Miranda Kerr and impregnate her?

  14. Clearly, this man has no fucks to give with regards to his appearance. And frankly, why would he?

  15. Alexxx

    Are those anal beads?

  16. GJerk

    I hope nobody saw me steal those anal beads from the sex shop!

  17. Can’t touch this!…

  18. Orlando, dude. Just a heads up (so to speak). Here in the States we traditionally wear hoodies on our UPPER bodies. Just sayin’…

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